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Happy’s Father’s Day

Smiling Family Posing in FieldHappy Father’s Day, to all Dads.  You deserve to be celebrated. Your job on Sunday is to sit back and enjoy.  No honey do lists to think about, no manning the grill, no lawns to be cut, just you and your family enjoying the day.  Historically father’s took a back seat to mother’s but not anymore.  Now you are equal partners in the area of child rearing and Father’s Day, is equally as important as Mother’s Day.   So today grab the remote, a cold beer perhaps and sit back and let the games begin.  Enjoy.MP900255551[1]

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Dad’s Are Just As Important as Mom’s

42-16586787Having a baby is not a one person job so; try not to fall into the trap of believing you are the only one who can properly care for your newborn. Becoming a new mom will be one of the biggest adjustments you will ever make, so don’t put yourself in the position of feeling overwhelmed. It is easy to fall into the trap, where you become the one who needs to address all the babies’ needs, simply because you know how to meet the baby’s needs the best. Thinking that way will most likely have you feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, so set yourself up for success by sharing the duties from day one with your partner. Be sure that you let your parenting partner take an equal role in meeting your baby’s needs right from the first day. This will ensure that your partner attaches to your baby the same as you. If a diaper isn’t done the same as you would do it, don’t worry it is just a diaper and another diaper change is only a couple hours away. Teaching your partner to do it the same way as you could lead them to have feelings of inadequacy, or that they stop taking initiative in the basic care giving jobs because, you can do it better. Do you see where this is going? All of a sudden you are doing it all, so chances are you have just set yourself up for always doing it all. When the baby is crying let your partner try different techniques to quiet them down. It may take longer but you are allowing the baby to attach to someone else. A trusting relationship will be built between your baby and someone other than yourself. This will allow you to take some time to yourself without worrying about the baby. All new moms’ need some time to themselves because if you are healthy in body and mind, your parenting will become more rewarding instead of over whelming. Babies are a precious gift but, they are also a lot of work so, share the work load. The only thing your partner will not be able to do as well as you is breastfeed and the reason for that is quite obvious. Everything else can be done by someone else. The task may be done differently but it will be done. The beauty of this type of care is that the baby will learn to be flexible in how they are cared for. They learn that this is the way mom, dad, grandma, the nanny or whoever meets my needs does it, and they love me, so I feel good.  When the whole family feels good then a strong family bond begins.  Enjoy!

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