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Helping Children Be Proud of Their Strengths and Weaknesses

toddler-playing[1] Looking at children as they grow we notice that some of their developmental skills develop much stronger and quicker than others.  I believe these natural abilities are a gift and should be nurtured by caregivers enabling the child to embrace both their strengths and weaknesses.  I believe shining a light on the child’s strengths no matter what they are and dimming it on their weaknesses keeps them from becoming fearful of trying anything new.  They will learn that you can try anything and that being the best at everything is not important but that they can be proud of their attempts.CB101519

The idea of shining a light on a child’s strengths and dimming it on their weaknesses builds a strong self esteem by showing a child that they are accepted for who they are as a whole and not just their successes.  Always remember not to focus only on what the child does best but at what they are willing to attempt to do. This is a strategy that will help the child understand exactly who they are and they won’t develop a false sense of security from the fact that they are great at one thing. Having this philosophy opens the child up to many possibilities because they will not be fearful of failure.  The child will learn to accept help from anyone because this will help them improve their weaknesses.  This philosophy allows your child to continue to improve themselves as a whole not their individual parts.  I don’t know if it gets any better than that.  Knowing that a child can accept their weaknesses as well as their strengths is what all adults strive for and yet with a little work we could possibly in still that in our developing children’s way of thinking.  Wow wouldn’t that be amazing!

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Importance of Play Dates

Boys Telling SecretsPlay dates are an amazing way to  further develop your child’s social skills.  Children gain their first social understanding within their families, but it is very important to use those skills while playing with their peers.  Video games, computers, and television have hampered the development that comes from children engaging in  spontaneous play with their peers.  Organized activities do not allow for children to learn how to problem solve because organized activities are overseen by an adult with specific rules to follow.  When children are together without adult intervention they will follow a set of rules they have made that will allow them to enjoy all the time they have together.  Laughing and having a fun time together is not always easy so children often have to compromise and be flexible in order to be together.  If the children want the play date to continue then they must work hard to ensure that confrontations don’t arise that would put an end to the play date.  The beauty is if it works you as the adult can sit back and enjoy some time doing things you would like to do because your children happy and are developing their social skills.  Sounds like the perfect scenario so enjoy!

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Every Child is Unique

 CB100598Children are funny, inquisitive, energetic, little people with a list of characteristics  that goes on and on.   All these characteristic work together to make up each wonderful little person.  We need to learn to take the time to figure them out.  They all have things that come easy to them, along with things that they have difficulty with.  This does not mean they are not measuring up, it means they are showing you who they are.  Letting them live up to their full potential is your job.  They are not you, so, don’t make live them up to your full potential,  because that  is not fair.  Watch them, love them, encourage them to try new things always looking at the process not the end product.  At the end of the day their successes are theirs and if you want to be a great parent you will support all facets of their growth even the things you wish they had done better.  Better is not always best, sometimes the attempt was where the magic happened so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Building Independence Comes From Letting Your Child Try

MP900227611[1]Although we may want to protect our children from harm, sometimes we may  be holding them back from accomplishing a goal, due to our own fear.  Children are often ready to try something new that parents are concerned is to dangerous, and fear they may get hurt.  The problem with that, is that some children really are ready to tackle a new skill, even if we are not ready for them too.  Scrapes, bumps, bruises and even broken bones, are as painful to see our children endure as it is for us, but in order for children to reach their full potential sometimes we just have to let them soar.   Take solace in  the fact that you love them and would not intentionally put them in harm’s way.  Now in saying that, I do not mean let them do things you know are far beyond their abilities, but your child may be ready.    When we let our children take the lead it builds confidence and self-esteem and these are so important in building a child who is  willing to take a risks in life to succeed.  Always remember to pay attention to ensure they are  successful.   They may not be successful without enduring a few minor bumps and bruises but they will get there.  Enjoy this time it goes by so fast.

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