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Mother’s Day is Here So Enjoy!

MP900386168[1]The most important day of the year is upon us so it is time to celebrate all Moms, past, present and future.  No other role holds the same importance, so be sure to take the time to enjoy reveling in yourself.  Sometimes the importance of being a mother is overlooked because so many other things are considered more important.  Not on Mother’s Day.  Mother’s rule so sit back, enjoy letting others do something wonderful for you.  You only get one day a year that really belongs to you so don’t get bogged down with things being perfect or hosting a family function.  You can do that another day, Sunday is your day so let the men and children spoil you.  Even the littlest things can have the biggest impact so let the kids give you breakfast in bed and don’t go to the kitchen what ever you do.  The mess is not your job today.  Cheers!!!!!!!!

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Mother’s Day is Coming So Plan Ahead

MPj03091620000[1]Becoming a mother is a huge job with so many rewards that I felt it was important to remind all mothers young and old how much they are appreciated.  We all know how we feel about our mothers but sometimes we underestimate our own importance.  It doesn’t matter how old you are when you become a mom you need to constantly remind yourself that this job is like no other.   You are a mother and because our lives are consumed with the lives of others we deserve a day of celebration.  Enjoy this time and don’t sacrifice one moment of a day set aside for you.  Revel in it.  Enjoy yourself.  Remember there are 364 days of the year that you will spend thinking of others first, so today let yourself be number one.  Here are just a few things I think will help you enjoy the day you deserve.

  1. Don’t make your children figure out what you want but make a plan with clear instructions on how you want your day to go.  I always thought breakfast in bed, helped my children to understand the meaning of Mother’s Day.   Knowing that my husband was in the kitchen with the kids making something for me to eat would put a smile on my face.  Most of the time I had to remind myself not to get up but to wait for them to come to me with their breakfast presentation because if I did not wait I would ruin it for them.   Ruining it for them would not get me the day I wanted.
  2. If a nice quiet day is what you desire,  make it happen, or if a busy day is what you want then a busy day is what you should have.  Remind everyone that this is your day, so making it an enjoyable day will help make all your mother’s day celebrations, a day to look forward to instead of a day you would rather forget.

 A nice long hot, uninterrupted bath, may be something that you have wanted for so long, so I say, if that is what you want start making a plan.  Go buy yourself some candles, bubbles and anything else you have been dreaming about to make that bath memorable.  Remember this is a teachable moment.  Your children will learn that you are important and celebrating you today will help you maintain your status as the greatest mom in the world.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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Cold Weather is Here so Enjoy Create Family Fun Times

81YyEmJR24L._SL1500_[1]One of your New Years Resolutions is to spend quality time together so let’s make it fun. Spending time laughing and sharing a pleasurable experience can be very rewarding and the effects are long-lasting.  A great way to do this is by creating family fun times by planning something that everyone wants to participate in.  Make a plan for the whole family and it does not have to be expensive.  Quality time does not cost anything but time.

  1.  Plan a movie night on a Friday or Saturday night.  Pick a movie your children will enjoy, but  remember it should be one that you wouldn’t mind watching as the adult.  Try putting sleeping bags and pillows on the floor and let the kids have a camp out in front of the TV.  You get a movie, maybe pizza or popcorn, possibly a glass of wine for the adults, (remember we are making this enjoyable for everyone) and relax.  What you get is a group of people spending quality time together.  The children can  camp out on the floor and may even sleep in the next morning.  The payoffs can be endless.  Be sure you choose the movie, because once you ask for input the controversy begins.
  2. If your children are older you can have game nights, but, try to avoid winners and losers, this almost always causes tensions.  Everyone should feel like a winner as this keeps the time together stress free.   A stress free game night will ensure many more family fun nights in the future.
  3. Go bowling or any other type of venue but always keep in mind that winning and losing is not important.  Keep it fun and don’t focus on the scores or who is doing well.  Everyone is doing great because we are out together having fun.  Quickest way to end the fun is by creating competition.

Make a plan today for your family time.  You can make your family relationships stronger by creating an environment where everyone feels important.  Do the work to make it special because when your children are happy, you are happy.  The more you plan ahead by thinking of everyone involved, the more successful the time together will be.  Soon you will all be looking forward to those cold winter weekend evenings when you gather for a family fun night.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

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5 New Years Family Resolutions

balsis-family1[1]When ringing in the New Year we resolve to make changes  that will have a positive impact to our lives.  Making changes to how we are as a family could be the most important change you have ever made. By resolving to  provide an environment where children feel they are valued and loved could be the best New Years resolution you have ever made.  Here are 5 little changes that will over the year have a positive impact on your children for the rest of their lives. Mother Showing the Birthday Cake to Family

1.  Always try to give each of your children some individual attention each day.  Being sure each child gets this time each day will make them feel special.  It is never a bad thing for each of your children to think they are your favorite.  You know you love all your children the same but feeling special is personal so go ahead let their perception of their place in your heart be just that, personal.

2.  Ask questions but don’t criticize when you hear the answer.  Listen and learn, if you criticize you won’t build a relationship that relies on trust,  what you will get is fear of honesty.

3.  Have fun and enjoy your children.  They are funny so laugh when they do funny things as this teaches them to laugh.  Having fun has a positive impact on every part of development so why not laugh more.

4.  Let each child show you what they are good at, this is not what you want them to be good at, but what they naturally do best.  Once you have figured their strength, let them continue to develop that natural skill and be proud of their accomplishments.

5.  Slow down and enjoy every moment you have with your family.  Life is stressful but those moments can be the most valuable minutes you have.  Your children want nothing but love and attention and that is free.  Free is great so it becomes a win win for everyone.

Happy New Year!  Any Questions Just Ask Mary’s Advice