Pregnancy and Getting to Know Your Baby

MP900386367[1]During your pregnancy, it is important to relax and enjoy getting to know your baby. All babies are different so, why not get to know some things about your baby, before he/she arrives? You can start to learn some things about your baby when you take notice of the little things. Here are a few things to take note of:
1. Is the baby moving around a lot or quite passive and barely noticeable?
2. Are there specific times of activity such as night times or afternoons and when are the quiet times?
3. When did you first feel the baby move (this often feels like air bubbles or the flutter of butterfly wings)?
4. Are there certain foods you eat that change the activity level of the baby?
5. When you are very calm does this seem to calm the baby down?
6. Does the baby interact with you when you rub your stomach?
7. Sometimes when the baby is moving, different body parts become visible so when this happens, rub them. Does the baby respond?
8. Is the baby quiet when there is a lot of noise or, does that make the baby more active?
These are just a few things you can observe about your baby even before the arrival date. With this knowledge you will be more prepared for what comes next, which is, the baby. So, remember gather information, relax, and enjoy the quiet freedom of pregnancy, because soon, you will be confronted with a tiny individual.

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