Toys To Buy for Dramatic Play

Girls at Party Dramatic play is such an important part of how children learn.  They use  the information gained from real life situations and relive it through play.  Although it may seem insignificant to an adult, the fact is, it is important for the development of social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.  As children are  having fun pretending to be a doctor, a mom, dad or dog etc.  they are using already acquired information and inputting into their pretend play.  All the materials they use enhance their imaginations.  Giving children a pretend kitchen set, drill set, cash register, shopping cart etc. allows them to act out scenarios from their life into their play.  As they age they enhance the enjoyment of the play by including other children and sharing ideas on what and how they want to do play.  By giving them age appropriate materials we are opening all kinds of  possibilities for learning and with the holiday season upon us, you should really think before you buy.  Be sure what you purchase is about the child not what you want the child to have.  There is no use purchasing a bunch of toys that never get used.  Be wise and remember every child has individual interests.  If your child loves playing house, get them a kitchen set or if they love shopping get them a shopping cart etc. and then watch them play.  It is amazing to watch.  Enjoy!

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