A New Baby is Coming so Start a Parenting Plan

A young girl prepares to plant some springtime flowersChildren all go through specific well defined developmental stages and armed with specific strategies, guiding a child through these stages will most likely have positive results, so, you will need to make a parenting plan.  Why would you need a plan? Well if we compare parenting to gardening it will help you to see how those gardens (children) that are nurtured and well maintained tend to be strong, resilient. The more time you spend on your garden in the beginning the less time you need to spend tending to it as it matures.  Many things can cause problems in a garden, but, our early nurturing and constant tending will make it possible for the garden to flourish. Take a walk in you neighborhood and start observing the gardens. Look for the ones that are nurtured and compare them to the ones that were just planted with the expectation that they will grow with little or no work. Look for the differences and what you will see are gardens with, lots of different plants and flowers . Some gardens will be magnificent and some will be in need of work. Which type of gardener or parent would you like to be?

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