Creating a Family Requires A Plan

Smiling Family Posing in Field ca. 2002You decided to start a family and now you are creating a plan, so, keep a few things in mind when planning for  the future.  Remember  the garden analogy that discussed planning ahead,  it is time to start the plan.                                                                  Planning   Try sitting down with your partner, family, friends etc. and start  brainstorming about what the best possible life you would want for your  child. You should come up with an overwhelming list of things that you consider important.  The list will include things likes stability, security, health, money, family ties and friends.   The list will be long and daunting but remember it is not always possible to achieve everything from your list therefore,  it should only be thought as a, best case scenario. Having children is unpredictable, therefore how can we possibly try to have everything from the list in place before starting a family.  Trying to achieve the impossible is setting yourself up  to feel like you somehow failed.  That is just not true, you nee to relax and do the best you can with what you have. That is true planning.   Flexibility is how you weather the ups and downs in life, and being adaptable is how you create a strong family unit.  When something from our plan changes, it doesn’t have to have to be  permanent but consider it a bump in the road that we need to adjust too, while we alter our plan.  Plans need to change to accommodate what is happening in the present as this can ensure success in the future.  Remember our true goal is to have a magnificent family but that takes tending.

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